Check engine light on? Let’s take a look.

We don’t expect you to be an automotive expert and know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle. That is our job. Our highly skilled team here at Champion Auto Body Shop of Lansing will take a thorough look at your vehicle and perform precise diagnostic tests so that we can get your vehicle back on the road to recovery.

Our Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection process will assess the inside and outside of your vehicle. The first checks will inspect your wiper blades, tire tread depth, headlights, and any other outer working system. This is followed by comprehensive checks or tests of fluid levels, brakes, and operating systems. The results from these inspections are color-coded in order to prioritize findings. Red indicates items that need immediate attention. Yellow indicates items that can be fixed at a later date. Green indicates that there are no items of your vehicle that need to be addressed. After your diagnostic service, our team will explain what they found and help you figure out the next steps.

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