The months of October through December call for heightened deer activity in Michigan. This means that deer tend to frequent suburban streets, highways, and busy roads.

It’s Difficult To Avoid Deer-Vehicle Collisions

The low visibility during the dawn, dusk, and dark hours of the day call for a higher risk of deer collisions, causing the deer to seem to appear in front of cars with little warning. One big way to reduce your risk of deer collisions is to take extra caution during deer season, especially when “Deer Crossing” signs are present.

What Should You Do If You Hit A Deer?

Safety is your top priority. Make sure to move your vehicle to a safe place and call the police after hitting a deer. They will walk you through filing a report.

There can be significant damage from wildlife incidents to your car no matter the size of the animal. Most insurances will likely cover larger wildlife incidents, such as deer collisions, under comprehensive insurance. If you were to swerve off the road and hit something else while trying to avoid a wildlife collision, that would be covered under collision insurance. Champion Auto Body Shop of Lansing works with most insurance companies in order to get you free estimates as well as quick, accurate services.

Here at the Champion Auto Body Shop of Lansing, we specialize in Deer Hit collision repair. We are working six days a week in order to get you back in the driver’s seat of your vehicle.

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